Satellite Air Quality Modelling

Modelling air quality from space


In the UK, it is estimated that man-made air pollution leads to 29,000 premature deaths each year, with traffic being the most important source. Air pollution was responsible for 5.5m attributable deaths in 2013, is the fourth largest risk factor for deaths worldwide and with 66% of people predicted to live in cities by 2050, air pollution represents an important global health challenge.

Our project involves a collaboration between TCarta and King’s College London, using high resolution satellite data and air pollution modelling, to create some of the most detailed air pollution maps ever produced for cities around the globe. The web service will allow users instant access to the air pollution data, benefiting customers in numerous ways and in the following sectors:

Government – air quality is recognized as a major global health concern gaining national and international media coverage on a regular basis, and increasing knowledge is vital to informed policy decision making;
Private sector companies – there is increasing pressure on corporate social responsibility and employee well-being. Easy access to air quality information is important for international operations;
Pharmaceuticals – there is a need for understanding trends in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases so that drugs can be marketed efficiently into affected areas. Pre-planning for medical sales is very lucrative to the pharmaceutical market;
Vehicle Manufacturers – require detailed information on current traffic pollution values and modelled information of positive social and health impact of introduction of new vehicle technology and electric vehicles;
Engineering Consultants – require air quality data for major infrastructure developments and traffic planning;
SMART Cities – traffic counts/speeds/emissions and air pollution maps of the city will play an important part of the urban informatics for SMART cities, improving the efficiency of environmental services and planning.

Below you can see an example of the high resolution air quality modelling that we will produce for cities around the world. Data will be available via a web-portal of products, for a variety of pollutants and cities, and instantly downloadable by clients.

London Air Pollution

This map was used with permission from The Greater London Authority and Transport for London, who fund, develop and maintain the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory. For more information please visit
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